IOT Base HEMS-1000

HEMS-1000 (Home Energy Monitoring Solution)

Much beyond Smart Metering Solution for Home or Small Offices – HEMS 1000


  • Roomwise Usage Trend – Identify Excess Usage
  • Undervoltage  Alert – Protects your appliance
  • Warns against possible Fire Scenario

Intelligent & more Analytical Features to make your complex more SMARTER 

FACILITY Owner’s Benefits Individual Flat Owner’s Benefits
Compare parallel elevators performance. Check Water pumps running status or Excess Usage If Solar is installed; compare daily generation.  Hierarchical Notifications for any 3 members. Timely alerts to prevent motor burnout  Allow Admin team to transmit group messages.    Set Energy target and compare – Reduction in BillGet Room wise details to know Usage Pattern. Advance Pre warning Fire Alert against Short Circuit. Undervoltage alert to prevent appliance burnout. View Usage in local currency view projected Monthly Bill in line with Electricity rates… 

Daily Tips for SMARTER Usage.. On your SMARTPHONE to conserve Energy & protect against Fire

IoT Devices

Key Features

Patented Technology

Patent filing No. 201721029296 (P&H Netapp)

IoT based solution

Advance Cloud based data security

SMS Based Alerts

Alerts for low efficiency or high current

Energy Monitoring

Monitors Energy Usage In Local Currency



PMS 4005 Plant Monitoring System has two dashboards:

  • Local on IoT module PMI 4005 &
  • From cloud you can read data thru your SMARTPHONE or via using Laptop/ Desktop.


Displays at what efficiency, Plant is operational enabling you to know how much energy wastage [Ideally it should be 0%] is happening at any instant.

If it falls below set limit [User selectable]; SMS alerts will be sent enabling you to take corrective action. If promptly corrective actions are taken; large wastage of energy is saved [Min 10% if immediate actions are taken] and due to continuous full efficiency; your productivity increases by at least 10%. Giving double benefits.

Its uniqueness is in its touchscreen display enabling plant owners to improve his efficiency by reducing energy usage. Its copyrighted software solution provides unique experience to plant owners by remotely monitoring plant conditions and also energy usage in local currency.


  • Display Efficiency data upto 1-minute resolution
  • Get SMS alerts in case of low Efficiency
  • Can view avg/ min / max of selected period
  • Can review selectable time profile for planning
  • Phase wise monitoring in case of single phase loads


  • Displays last 24 Hrs data in %
  • Team review for lower efficiency
  • Option to select phase wise efficiency
  • See set limit on modules as reference
  • Helps to ensure top performance
By just monitoring trend non-electrical users like Production Manager / Plant owners / Hotel Managers can

* Prevents any possible Fire hazards
* Improves profitability – Increased working hours
* Have best Utilisation of energy


PEMS-4005 Design and Manufactured By P&H Netapp, P&H logo Copyright and Trademark by P&H Netapp Distributed and integrated with ERP Solution By S B Infotech