We are sure you must have felt a need to have some tool to monitor your plant’s efficiency and your daily energy usage vis-à-vis with your daily production charts. Also you must have observed if you are present on manufacturing shop floor; you get maximum throughput or maximum saving of energy with proper shutdown of processes.

Every plant owner or entrepreneur looking for some tool to monitor locally plant efficiency remotely when he/ she is not present physically. As alternate various owners install Web based cameras to monitor factory activity. However it just shows movement. Video cameras do not able to measure your energy consumption of the day or guide you how to improve your plant efficiency. Hence they are okay just for seeing movements or thefts. No use for improvement.


Many times plant machineries are kept running dry [Without load] during lunch time. Leading to loss of energy without anyone’s knowledge. Do you feel necessity to have some solution to monitor your energy usage and efficiency remotely to control the process and also do other activities….


At many plants it is observed in normal working hours due to inefficiency, workers do not complete tasks on time; and due to pressure of deliveries; owner has to pay overtime to complete tasks leading to huge loss of revenues. Due to other activities owner, plant manager cannot sit in operational floor to push workers to get job done in normal working hours. Have you anytime counted how much monies you had wasted on energy due to such overtimes??

Further do you have any tool to alert you about any early fire hazards? You must have installed Fire extinguishers for POST FIRE protection. Fuses, MCBs for tripping in case of short circuits… As we all know typically electric fire initiates due to excess heating of cables due to higher current than normal leading to overheating and in turn final short circuit. Your MCBs or Fuses will trip only at short circuit which is almost flash point of fire. You use fire extinguishers for post fire activities. What organisations needs is a tool which can monitor your running current and trigger you in case sustained excess current flows without adding any additional load. Prevention is always preferred over protection.

For all these above issues like

  • Remote Monitoring of Plant Efficiency
  • Measuring & monitoring your daily Energy consumption in terms of Rs.
  • Alerting you in case of any alarm situation happens like excess Current, Low Efficiency etc..
  • Monitoring of overall current imbalance


We have developed unique Plant Monitoring System PEMS – 4005 which if installed in your factory, plant, mills Hospitals, Hotels etc. you can remotely monitor efficiency of your plant machineries performances and improve your plant efficiency & also saves lot of energy.

We are sure with this system you can surely saves at least 10% of your energy bill and also get around 5-10% improvement in plant efficiency. Meaning at 10% less energy cost you are going to get 10% more efficiency.

Giving you great advantage over your competitors by reducing your cost by almost 15%.


Let us see how PEMS – 4005 SYSTEM works …..


PEMS – 4005 System consists of


  1. Sensing Transformer – ST 4005 – Senses current and transfer data to SM 4005 which is sensing Module
  1. Sensing Module – SM 4005 – Installed inside your electric panel close to sensing Transformer. It communicates with IoT module PMI 4005 via sensing cable.
  2. IoT Module – PMI-4005 – Installed near your specific machine or at plant manager’s desk .


PMS -4005 Cloud Based Software which provides monitoring solution on your Computer or Smartphone.

PMI-4005 has Touchscreen display which displays efficiency, Plant loading and daily energy consumption of load along with energy Usage. At every schedule interval it communicates with cloud server to monitor factory remotely.

PMS -4005 is cloud based software which provides extended visibility of plant operation to process owners to monitor his plant, Mill, hospital or factory remotely as effectively as if he is sitting in same office. This software is accessible anywhere from your laptop or SMARTPHONE which provides access to monitor –

  1. Plant efficiency Pattern.
  2. Plant Loading Pattern.
  3. Plant Energy Usage
  4. Daywise / Weekwise / Monthwise Energy Consumption in Units & in terms of Rs.
  5. Present machines running condition enabling you to know operator’s performance.
  6. Exact update when factory machineries were up and running and till what time
  7. Alerts users in case of any abnormally excess loading happens which in turn leads to Fire hazards.

By seeing the trend pattern of usage of machines & by knowing your production process; you can immediately make out how efficiently your plant is operational and also how efficient your operator is… Based on this easily understandable data; you can easily improves efficiency & reduce energy consumption by 10%.

Further process owner/ Entrepreneur can sit with his operator and analysis patterns shown on local display to plan continuous production improvement giving him great edge over competitors month after month.

Also this monitoring solution has another unique application to monitor OUTSOURCED process monitoring. You can install one PEMS – 4005 in each of your outsourced partner. Thru web software; you can monitor his performance and running hours enabling you to plan your production planning. You will know in advance; in case any of your sub supplier has issues.

We are highly excited to meet you personally and explain you benefits you can derive from this unique INNOVATIVE PRODUCTION IMPROVEMENT TOOL [ Patent applied vide Sr. No. 201721029296 ] . Our team can exactly quantify for you actual saving you can do with this besides lot of other non-quantifiable benefits you can derive with PEMS – 4005 Solution.

Looking forward in meeting you personally to demonstrate you this unique solution.

Awaiting your call on +91 9730070172 / or Email [] to meet you personally.

IoT Devices

Key Features

Patented Technology

Patent filing No. 201721029296 (P&H Netapp)

IoT based solution

Advance Cloud based data security

SMS Based Alerts

Alerts for low efficiency or high current

Energy Monitoring

Monitors Energy Usage In Local Currency



PMS 4005 Plant Monitoring System has two dashboards:

  • Local on IoT module PMI 4005 &
  • From cloud you can read data thru your SMARTPHONE or via using Laptop/ Desktop.


Displays at what efficiency, Plant is operational enabling you to know how much energy wastage [Ideally it should be 0%] is happening at any instant.

If it falls below set limit [User selectable]; SMS alerts will be sent enabling you to take corrective action. If promptly corrective actions are taken; large wastage of energy is saved [Min 10% if immediate actions are taken] and due to continuous full efficiency; your productivity increases by at least 10%. Giving double benefits.

Its uniqueness is in its touchscreen display enabling plant owners to improve his efficiency by reducing energy usage. Its copyrighted software solution provides unique experience to plant owners by remotely monitoring plant conditions and also energy usage in local currency.


  • Display Efficiency data upto 1-minute resolution
  • Get SMS alerts in case of low Efficiency
  • Can view avg/ min / max of selected period
  • Can review selectable time profile for planning
  • Phase wise monitoring in case of single phase loads


  • Displays last 24 Hrs data in %
  • Team review for lower efficiency
  • Option to select phase wise efficiency
  • See set limit on modules as reference
  • Helps to ensure top performance
By just monitoring trend non-electrical users like Production Manager / Plant owners / Hotel Managers can

* Prevents any possible Fire hazards
* Improves profitability – Increased working hours
* Have best Utilisation of energy


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