Plant Efficiency Monitoring Solutions

How to avoid maximum demand penalties in your electricity bill?
IOT Base Solution here

PLANT EFFICIENCY MONITORING SOLUTIONS” PEMS -4005” has submitted for patent and its file number is 201721029296.

Its uniqueness is in its touchscreen display enabling plant owners to improve his efficiency by reducing energy usage. Its copyrighted software solution provides unique experience to plant owners by remotely monitoring plant conditions and also energy usage in local currency.

Key Features

Patented IoT based Solutions

Unique integration of Software, Hardware & Internet

Real-time Access & Analysis

Mobile, Laptop & Touchscreen Display with Memory

Accurate Data & Statistics

Electrical Consumption Trends, Load Factors, Loss Factors

110+ Electrical Parameters

Front End Dashboards & Back End CSV Data File

Pre Fire Alert & Notifications

Get Alerts on Push SMS, Email & Local Alarm, Set Alerts

Quick Time Ranges & Selection

Access data from various intervals & Ranges upto 2 yrs

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